New York Transit Museum • Website Redesign

Proposing a re-design of the New York Transit Museum website, my team members and I created design deliverables for proactive changes to improve site usability and user interactions with content. It is a structural and visual redesign, focusing on iterative user-based research and design techniques.

UX Research, UX Design



 We identified four specific user groups: academic researchers, tourists, train enthusiasts (railfans), and teachers. To better understand "teachers", I conducted two structured interviews and two indirect observations. My user research brief details what I learned with insights to help better organize and create content for these users. I used my data to create a persona to represent this user group as well as a scenario for contextual use.


To understand and properly communicate the content of the New York Transit Museum website, the team created a content inventory, site map, and competitive review. The content inventory revealed structural difficulties became a quick-reference tool for the remainder of the design process.


To gain insight into how people group and label the content on the website, a card sort was completed. Using the on-line tool OptimalSort, eight participants sorted 41 cards. Analyzing our results, we went through each category’s cards to collate them and establish final categories using our knowledge of the current site’s content inventory and results from our competitive analysis. The card sort proved successful in achieving a sleeker and more efficient site map.


Armed with significant research on the NYTM’s site and our potential users, we moved into the design stage of the process.

The collaborative paper prototype supported three tasks; it is a collection of eight unique pages and a flip-book style navigation menu. We used this as a rough draft for our site design and after having users go through our tasks with the prototype, pooled our results before creating a more concrete model.

Finally, using the Balsamiq and InVision tools, we created a digital wireframe prototype, with all the pages required to complete three task flows. This final product reveals the potential of the New York Transit Museum website to provide a more streamlined, transparent and stimulating experience for its users.

Click the final image to complete the tasks below:

1. Visiting the Research Collections

Path: Item page → Click “Visit This Item” Button → Visit the Collection page → Click “More Visitor Information” link → Visitor Information page

2.  Booking a School Tour

Path: Homepage → Hover on Education tab → Click “School Tours” menu item → School Tours page → Click “Book a Tour Button” under Grades K-3 column → For Grades K-3 page

3. Current Exhibits

Path: Homepage → Hover on Exhibits tab → Click “Current” menu item → Current Exhibits page → Click “Electricity: Powering New York’s Rails” box → Electricity: Powering New York’s Rails page